The new era of Compassionate Teaching

The Compassionate School Network initiative is the first of its kind in the world and is a locally grown initiative and idea inspired by the Charter for Compassion.

The objective of the Compassionate School Network (CSN) is to give educators the tools and training they need to teach compassion. The goal is to empower compassionate youth who will then grow up to become compassionate adults, bringing about a significant shift in the environment of the school system and a more tolerant, peaceful society.

For this purpose, Zohair Allibhoy was hired as a consultant to write a research-based curriculum of 250 Lesson Plans segregated across various subjects, including language, sciences and mathematics. The lessons plans were based on 09 compassionate skills namely courage, forgiveness, empathy, humility, gratitude, self-compassion, altruism, mindfulness and integrity. Zohair Allibhoy closely worked with educationists and observed institutions across various domains including marginalized communities of Pakistan before writing this curriculum.

Zohair Allibhoy was further engaged as a team member of CfC Pakistan – to train teachers on the designed curriculum and equip them with skills of compassionate teaching approach. Zohair undertook the challenge and not only worked with mainstream schools but also engaged schools from marginalized communities of Karachi, including Sultanabad, Lyari and Korangi.

Currently the CSN has grown big enough to have its’ own adopted schools meeting the need of basic literacy through a compassionate education approach.