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Junior Leaders’ Conference – School of Leadership

Video of another Junior Leaders Conference.

JLC Story

Zohair Allibhoy founded the Junior Leaders’ Conference for School of Leadership in 2009. As Zohair was selected to co-lead the Young Leaders’ Conference in 2009, he decided to opt out of the leadership position as he believed that a dual leadership has all the potential to end up in a clash. This led Zohair to decide his fate at the School of Leadership and thus – the Junior Leaders’ Conference was born.

With 06 Months to spare from July 2009, Zohair Allibhoy did not have a team to work with. With help from a friend and Some Alumni of Zohair’s interventions, he plunged in to work for the first ever Junior Leaders’ Conference – a unique initiative at the time for 14–17-year-old teenagers. The program was marketed across Schools and public study places where students of the age group could be found.

On December 31, 2009 – A public strike was called which led the conference into question marks. However, with sheer will and motivation of the program team and teenagers enrolled in the program, Zohair Allibhoy took the stand of continuing the program on January 01, 2010. This was a new year’s resolution, publicly announcing that the young generation of Pakistan wants peace and work on their personal growth, development and as a result contribute to their community and country.

In its’ 12th year, the Junior Leaders’ conference still continues to contributes youngsters and lives on as a key program of the School of Leadership, inspiring younger generations.