The House of Love

Mehr Ghar by Mehrdar Art & Production is a community center for the youth of Lyari. Mehr Ghar identified the need of lack of public creative spaces in Lyari and attempted to fill in the gap. The space comprises of an event hall, café area, co-working space, library, media room, study corner and the Mehrdar Art & Production office.

Initially identified by CEO Muhammad Faheem, the space was in ruins. A broken down ware-house with sewerage pipes leaking all over the place, no electricity, doors and walls that were wearing out – this was the condition of the place. Faheem then brought the idea to the Program & Development Director of Mehrdar Art & Production, Zohair Allibhoy – who instantaneously and excitedly took the lead of designing and leading the construction of this space.

Zohair not only designed the space on paper, but made floor-plans of the final product, stayed involved in selecting every material that was fixed during the construction, including the flooring, wiring, wood work and paints. Every material installed at Mehr Ghar was selected carefully with high quality and with much input and partnership of the CEO and Program & Development Director of Mehrdar Art & Production, a unique space in Lyari was formed.

Mehr is a Balochi word meaning love – and the organization was called Mehrdar, meaning the door of love. Where does the door of love lead to? Naturally to its house. Thus the name set for this unique community space was Mehr Ghar – meaning The House of Love!