My Kiran Kahani

Kiran Foundation and Zohair Allibhoy go a long way. Zohair joined Kiran Foundation as a volunteer while it was still a pre-school with 20 toddlers being enrolled every year, based in Lyari (Marginalized area within Karachi), and saw it grow into a community center for youth, women and children across the entire town of Lyari.

Kiran Foundation in 2014, adopted a government school through the public private partnership, where Zohair was a part of writing all formal proposals, educational models, structural development, HR & OD Guides, Thematic Education Manuals, Training of Staff, Designing Activities for Students enrolled and contribute to a fast-track education program for students who missed out on years of education during the process. 

During this time Zohair Allibhoy, assisted the chairperson Sabina Khatri, in compiling the first structural format of the entire organization. This lead to Kiran Foundation finding its’ first formal footing as a registered and growing Not For Profit Organization with well defined structures and processes in place.

Zohair’s responsibilities have included helping develop the staff to role-model a state of art school, along with constantly updating skills, while searching and providing for skillful & valuable resources for the organization. This included recruitment, advertising, marketing, and teachers training.

Zohair’s major roles included in contributing in the documentation and compilation of the organization’s system, educational model, style and approach of the institutions. As a result he facilitating multiple areas of the organization on ground – including HR & Admin, Grant Writing & Marketing, Teacher & Student Development, and Training & Consultancy for the staff.

Though Zohair’s major role has always been support – he was often also engaged in troubleshooting within different departments, including finance, HR, curriculum development and institutional design. He worked very closely with the Chairperson, Management Team and the Steering Committee. He also managed Kiran’s digital campaigns and designs for various purposes and provide advisory services to the organization for other resources. He also organized and developed their first website which has a story of its own.

“Kiran Foundation was and always will be home.” – says Zohair Allibhoy