Achievement of working with 40,000 people

Zohair Allibhoy till date has worked with over 250,000 people from corporate, youth, academic, local community and the socio development sectors. During many of his interventions people have been motivated and have had high regard for him.

One such instance came during 2015, where students of Lahore School of Management Sciences (LUMS) approached Zohair Allibhoy on his achievement of working with over 40,000 people. treening was a mere startup at that point, which had just completed its’ pilot run. The organization has undergone many transformations after that.

While Zohair Allibhoy had not directly trained with LUMS at this point in time – he had written a paper on Social Enterprises and its’ scope in Pakistan. This paved the way for LUMS Business Review (LBR) to write an article on Zohair for the amazing work he has been doing.