Life Long Learning

TRG LearnFest is a training conference for the Human Resource Development industry in Pakistan targeting the CEOs & Senior Managers, HR Heads, Talent & OD Executives, Consultants & Trainers and other Training Industry Stakeholders.

The Learn Fest 2013 aimed to bridge the gap between the mentor and the mentee. The training accommodated 50 learning partners and 500 corporates who spoke about the shifting norms of the training industry.

LearnFest is Pakistan’s pioneer in organizing the biggest learning festival. This event strengthened Training and Development industry in Pakistan.

Learn Fest spread the realization that training and development is not an expense but an investment to instigate the value of Organizational Development and  to support the HRD function of the corporate sector of Pakistan.

With expert motivational speakers and learners at their best Learnfest provided an unparalleled consortium of HR practitioners and OD consultants, Facilitators, Coaches and Training Professionals.

Zohair Allibhoy worked on the LearnFest 2013 as one of the leading members of the Event Team, directly working with all 50 learning partners.