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Have you met a madman crazy enough to change the world? If you have, you know he won't settle for less, if no... Hello!

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A keen individual willing to learn and share. He has a "Bring-it-on" attitude and a smile on his face which encourages his participants to express themselves.

Zohair Allibhoy is a certified trainer & consultant by International Finance Corporation - World Bank. He has been a consultant, facilitator and trainer with various development & corporate firms.

Starting his career as a public speaking coach with Hyde Park Junior's by TCS, he has trained with British Council & contributed to platforms like Charter for Compassion as a curriculum consultant, Education & Literacy Department of Sindh, Institute of Chartered Accountants Pakistan and Akhuwat among many others. He frequently assists organizations in program design & delivery for various organization development & leadership interventions. This got Zohair recognition to supervise trainings of Azme Naujawan – A civic action program and eventually become the program lead for 2 districts. Zohair has worked directly with Family Education Services Foundation and Mehrdar Art & Production, for this program, while also contributing to Women Development Foundation Pakistan, Taqweem e Pakistan, Society for International Education, Empowerment thru Creative Integration, Rose Education Society and Development Alternatives Inc.

Zohair’s unique experiences include having found Junior Leaders' Conference for the School of Leadership, Conducting 200+ interventions with Aga Khan Development Network, and being part of the General Body with the Kiran Foundation. He was also the youngest speaker at the TEDx Ravi.

An extensive opposite of his direct colleagues & mentors, Zohair, drops most of the dull, boring classroom style, lecture driven training and has a definite sense of fun. His ability to blend entertainment and content translates into meaningful, engaging, & practical information. With professional connection & unwavering devotion, he facilitates focused programs that yield consistent engagements.

Zohair is highly regarded as an engaging and passionate facilitator. He approaches every new pursuit with a childlike amount of excitement and glee. He is the most outwardly human from all of his companions and competitors which helps his participants engage in repeated interventions by him.

Starting out at a very young age, Zohair now brings over a decade of training, consulting and facilitation exposure & experience with various youth, development & corporate platforms. He masters the art of connecting to diverse groups, specializes in domains of soft skills, customer retention, project and organizational development.

  • Experience: 12 Years 2 Months
  • Residence: Karachi, Pakistan
  • Freelance: Available
  • E-mail:


My Plans


What I Do
& Development

Developing behaviours, attitudes & knowledge of individuals, groups & institutions enabling them to perform better, create impact & cultivate distinction in personal & professional lives.

Human Resources
& Organization Development

Ensuring efficient management of the employment process & assisting employees in functioning better, focusing on data to advance efforts to improve overall systems and processes.


Enhancing the ability of Organisations to raise funds, gain grants, and streamline a sustainable flow of of capital and management techniques to ensure productive development outcomes.


Providing education, intervention services, Learning, Training & Technical services to students, teachers, parents & institution managements to meet academic needs and quality.


Delivering experiences that people will feel and remember through show stopping performances & life changing messaging, with the customised approach to your event needs.

Grant &
Proposal Writing

Offering some key techniques of research, planning and writing a proposal. I consider grant proposal's overall purposes, audiences, and expectations to match your vision of funding.


Offering Compliance management services where I assist HR, Finance & Procurement Departments in building & implementing policies, regulations & activities in line with the business laws.


Preparing young people to meet challenges of adolescence, adulthood & achieve their full potential through social, ethical, emotional, physical, and cognitive activities & experiences.

Event Planning
& Management

Offering services of Event management involving creating, coordinating, & managing all the different components of your event as well as the teams of people responsible for each aspect.


Offering a blend of creative & technical services, including music, voice overs, graphic design, web design & development and media solutions through a blended partnership appraoch.


Working with


Leading Teams

Language Skills

Reading and writing
  • English

    My English language skills are accredited to that of a native English person. This includes, speaking, listening, reading & writing. 

  • Urdu

    میری اردو بولنے اور سننے کی مہارت بہت اچھی ہے۔ تاہم میں اردو زبان پڑھنے لکھنے میں تھوڑا کمزور ہوں۔



Authenticity & Merit
  • Train The Trainer

    International Finance Corporation (IFC, World Bank)


Success Ratio

Creating value
  • 90%

    9/10 professionals depicted enhanced performance post intervention.

  • 90%

    9/10 institutions repeated intervention for new groups of audiences.

  • 90%

    9/10 youngsters claim to have found new directions after consultation.


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    Zohair Allibhoy
    Consultant & Coach
    • E-mail:
    • Phone: +92 3333002455
    • Social: allibhoyzohair
    • Residence: Karachi, Pakistan